Legend of the
Eight Moons

C virtualvirtual

C virtual is a project to develop virtual humans with
artificial learning function(AI) created by CHINRA
all over the world.
We will use and utilize virtual human in various places
such as signage advertisement, web advertisement,
live dealer of C seven, etc.

C virtualdonation
C virtualdonation

C donation is a donation business condusted by CHINRA.
Unlike normal donations,it is a system(cloud donor matching)
that allows donations to be made to those who donate.
Bit Line is a system for making donations on the web,
and donations are made in BTC instead of money.

C virtualseven

C seven is an online casino, which is the second
major project of CHINRA.
Compatible with PC, mobile(smartphone, tablet), etc,
you can enjoy playing anytime.

C virtualHINRA
C virtualHINRA

Quantificaton exchange, the center of CHINRA PROJECT
it is the main business of PROJECT with the name "CHINRA".
Unlike ordinary exchanges, by generating
a large amount of traffic
it is a special exchange that raises the value of currency
and forcibly adds value.

C virtualmarket

C market is an online shopping site with a 3D fitting function.
if you don't try it on, you won't know the atmosphere.
To clear the biggest drawback of online shopping
CHINRA PROJECT is equipped with a 3D fitting function.

C virtualeducation
C virtualeducation

C education is CHINRA's online education business.
Various contents are becoming online, but CHINRA is
This is an online project for a wide range of industries
such as fitness, language, cooking, and IT education.

Eight capital
the eight moons