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  • 1CRM and student records systems integration for a college of further education

    On a daily basis, some College manages the records of about40,000 students, which they have gathered by manually entering information such as personal details and enrolled courses into the Tribal EBS student record system.
    Having recently taken the decision to use the Radius CRM to help with their marketing and enrolment processes they needed to be able to synchronise the records between the two systems in order, not only to avoid having to enter everything twice but also to ensure that both systems are kept fully up-to-date with minimal human intervention.
    As there was no off-the-shelf solution to this problem they asked HeadChannel to help with the integration of the two systems, enabling them to maintain and support regularly automated synchronisation.

  • 2Salesforce and Smart sheet systems integration for Smiley World

    Smiley World (the owner of the Smiley brand) use a number of different systems to track the worldwide use of their brand and to manage the royalties generated.
    Two of those systems are the Salesforce CRM and an online project management and spreadsheet system called Smartsheet and these systems contain a large amount of common information.
    The staff of Smiley World are updating different parts of these systems on a daily basis and so needed a way to avoid both duplication of effort and errors caused by data being entered slightly differently in each system.

  • 3Time management and invoicing software for freelance professionals providing individual and/or group instruction

    Working as a freelancer instructor, it is often hard enough to manage your diary let alone having to keep track of which classes need to be invoiced.
    As an experienced instructor herself, our client, Our Class , spotted an opportunity to simplify the way freelancers do their administration and so improve their efficiency.
    Together with her, we designed and developed a responsive web app which enables freelancers to regain control of their classes and finances.
    Reminding them where they need to be next, prompting for class numbers and automatically generating and sending the relevant invoices at the month end.

  • 4Establishing business processes and software development for a Persian rug supplier and seller. 

    The London e process Company is an established and esteemed British family business.
    Their unique collection of handcrafted, oriental carpets, rugs and runners attracts customers from all over the country.
    British famous department stores, world-class interior designers and clients shop there for luxury and comfort. Silk, wool, and cotton products are valued across the U.K.
    These products may be excellent but without efficient management and sales software, internal processes may suffer.
    That was the case for the London e process Company.
    We helped by providing two custom software solutions and a complex analysis of business processes.



8capital is a European software development company founded in 2019.
Currently we have our headquarters in the UK.
Since 2004, we have been involved in various software development for business starting from garage.
We are experts in developing seamless, business-oriented solutions.
We are involved in CRM development, and the range of business We have expanded is in the world.
We consider our customers' needs and goals to be practical, easy to use, and efficient, and state-of-the-art technology solutions ensure reliable software that minimizes both future operating costs and risks.
Convert to It provides clients with a competitive advantage by implementing UX and CX best practices, top technologies and project management methodologies.


  • 01 Code quality

    Create high quality, structured and comprehensive code that facilitates future development of your solution.
    Thanks to its transparency, the software is easy for you and others to maintain and upgrade.

  • 02 Domain-driven design

    Before you start coding a solution, get a detailed understanding of how your company operates in your industry so that you can develop an accurate solution.
    As a result, our software is not only powerful enough to meet your needs, but powerful enough to challenge the challenges of your competitors.

  • 03 Transparency

    As a member of the team, work together to develop a powerful software solution for your company.
    We listen carefully and build partnerships with you-so everyone is focused on staying on the same page and getting great results.

  • 04 Simple management

    An approach to software development that combines agile and other methodologies allows you to effectively manage both teams and projects.
    Keeping your progress up-to-date and building a transparent work environment speeds up the entire software development process.

  • 05 Effective communication

    We value long-term business relationships with our clients and build strong relationships with them.
    We will walk you through the entire process and support you with ongoing advice and maintenance.
    Our goal is to make your business prosper each year.

  • 06 Involvement and responsibility

    We are fully committed to every project.
    We ensure that the teams assigned to a project are dedicated to their tasks, focused on their business needs and remain involved.
    We will never outsource your project to a third party.